Satifying your advanced reefing needs

 Salty Concepts is a home based business, started as the result of a life long passion for the aquarium hobby, dating back to 1970. Having decades of experience in fishkeeping. From sucessful breeding programs to coral propagation. In addition, we have extensive background in machining and electronics design. 

 Being aware that reef conservation is of utmost importance. We believe that stocking your reef with tank raised coral is your best option. A tank raised frag is more acclimated to captive life than a wild picked coral. Purchasing frags can be less expensive than a large colony. It is also rewarding to be able to witness the growth of a coral in your system.

 We carry a full compliment of ceramic frag plugs and rock work. As well as acrylic fabrication of all shapes and sizes. We are also happy to help you with your LED options.

 Another part of our passion is bringing your ideas to fruition. We welcome the oporotunity to manufacture your ideas into a useful item. We hope you enjoy all the wonderful products and services that we have to offer!! If you have any questions or comments please visit our contact page.


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